This page is dedicated to Prayer! ¬†woohooo! ūüôā ¬†We will share our prayer requests with you here as we go along our journey. ¬†But you are on a journey too, so feel free to share your own requests and we would be honored to enter into prayer with you!

Send requests to:

Family Updates:

*Emily is returning to school via the web at the University of Memphis to finish her degree in History.  She will graduate in May 2017 and is considering pursuing her Masters in History with an emphasis in European History.  Classes start May 31st!

*Emily is also working as a freelance journalist.  God has opened some doors and she will be able to work from anywhere in the world.

*The children are gearing up for 2 weeks of traveling and are super excited to see some old friends and new friends who are all missionaries!

*Peter has been working hard to remodel our downstairs along with several other home upgrades.  All of these things will help us to rent our home when we move.

Prayer requests:

*For an increase in support!  We are very much in need of committed monthly supporters to get us securely on track for leaving for France

*For a new vehicle for Peter. ¬†We were hoping that his extremely worn out van would make it until we left, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to make it! ¬†Pray we can find the right vehicle for the right price.

UPDATE: Peter got a brand NEW car!!!! Not a used car, not one that will be okay, not one that will suffice.  A completely new car!!!  It has great gas mileage and will be a huge blessing to us these next few months.  We felt peace about letting go of the past and embracing this new season.  Peter is SO happy!!  We got a great deal on it and it fits in our current budget and will not detract from our support account in any way!  Thank you God for a beautiful new car! IMG_2435

*For our upcoming multi-city trip!  We will be logging many hours in the car!  Pray for safety and peace.  Pray that we will connect with many supporters and that the time specifically in Oklahoma City with many other missionaries will be a time of growth and encouragement.

*Finally, pray for the people of France!  France has many troubles right now and only the Prince of Peace can heal their wounds and free their souls from darkness.  Pray fervently for them and that He would send more workers into the field!


Again, please feel free to connect with us via email, Facebook, phone…however! ¬†If you have prayer requests, we would love to hear them and join with you and pray for you. ¬†Or if you just have questions about our work, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for standing with us on this journey!  <3