We are so honored to be partnered with IPHC World Missions as our sending organization!  Click on the link below to donate directly to our support account.

We are fundraising for the year that we will be helping to launch the coffee house and art center so we are needing to raise money in the form of monthly support and one time gifts.  Thank you so much for supporting us in this way and making this dream a reality!  Every little bit helps immensely and is tax deductible.


We have so many amazing friends, family, and church connections from years of doing life with so many of you.  And now the time has come to actually send us!  We are more fervent than ever that this is the time God has for us to be in France.  So we are boldly asking that you partner with us this year.  Please pray and consider committing to a monthly amount or a one time git.  The “donate” link will take you to an easy giving page where you can give a one time gift or set up your monthly commitment.  Every donation is tax deductible and every donation is a deposit into the people of France hearing the good news of Jesus work on the Cross!!!



Thank you for your gift and your faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus and commitment to missions!  We believe that every amount will bring forth fruitfulness in the Kingdom in France!