Who is Journey International?


Hi!  We are Peter and Emily Fowler.  God has put this vision of ministering the Love of God in France through hospitality and we are honored and humbled to be on this incredible journey.  Check the “Thoughts from the Journey” page for continual updates on our progress to France!

We are honored to be officially partnered with World Missions Ministry!  Check out our “Partnership” page for more information about this incredible organization and how you can support us financially.

For more information about us, to inquire about working with us in France on short term missions work, or to book us to speak at your church or group, email us at journeyinternational@icloud.com.

You can also reach us here on Facebook!




  1. Emily, you are such a wonderful human being. I honestly can say I have never met anyone as genuine as you are. You have love for people in general. The first time I met you in the (drive thru) lol I could tell that you meet no strangers. And that’s been over a year ago. I have never had the privilege to meet Peter but if he is anything like you are then he good peeps! They say God put people in your life for a reason and it is so true because when I talked to you hearing how excited you are to go to France and fulfill your family dreams made me want to do better. By that I mean to finish school so I can afford trips like that and live happily. This post is basically to let you know that you are a wonderful person inside and out and I truley wish you and the fam every ounce of happiness.

  2. Just wondering if your ministry in France is up and running or is this in the dream/vision stage?

  3. Hello- I love the vision. I have an inspired thought. Why not start your hospitality entrance by hosting an AIR BNB style space. You learn a lot about hospitality on a small scale and you can earn good income while hosting and learning. I don’t know your specific details, so please forgive. I just know you have to start somewhere and starting small can have huge rewards. Bless you.

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