Dear friends, family, and supporters,

We are writing this note to you all today to update you on the major change in our lives this past 2 months. Please forgive us for the lack of information, for not being in touch, and for keeping you all in the dark. We have been trying to gather all the needed information and had many weeks of waiting to know exactly what we should share.
As of the end of April we are no longer missionaries with World Missions Ministries in any context. This decision was not ours and we are told there is nothing we did to incur this result. In fact the April giving statement was our highest ever and many others had recently made commitments to give. Despite this, we were informed that WMM was no longer interested in us as missionaries for the following 3 reasons:
**There was no assignment for us in Paris at this time
**The size of our family made our budget unfeasible
**The Appalachian Conference was not able to support our budget
Again, we unfortunately had no say in the decision and we must confess that we disagree with the reasons given. We requested to make a short term trip to Paris as our status with WMM was “Short Term Missionaries” but our request was denied. We were not given reasons for this decision.
Obviously this is a major shift for us. We are “all in” kind of people and when God says “Go” we said “YES!” We continue to carry a burden for France in our hearts, we continue to say “Lord, here am I, send me” and we continue to trust that what He has called us to, He alone will fulfill in His perfect timing. He alone is able to fulfill His promises to the extent of YES and AMEN. We will always declare that He is GOOD and He is FAITHFUL! We do not have hard feelings towards WMM and we know that God is able to redeem everything that has been lost.
Finally, we want to express our extreme gratitude to all of you. Our hearts are full towards bursting because of the love you all have shown us not only this past year but some of you for many, many years. We are forever grateful to the many churches within the IPHC who welcomed us in with open arms, who prayed with us, gave to us sacrificially, and loved on us in so many ways. Thank you, especially to the Pastors who allowed us to speak from your pulpits, pray and minister to your people, and who faithfully prayed and encouraged us in the Lord. Please know, dear churches, that you have made this season a true blessing beyond measure and that this is not your faults either.
A very special thanks goes to John and Millie Jenkins of Austinville PH Church in Austinville, VA whose congregation have given above and beyond, have housed us, have allowed us as a family to serve the community along side them, and have become family to us. We are so thankful to be walking away with such a treasure of friends! We will miss you all so very much.
Lastly, we want to give praise to our awesome and worthy God who takes care of all our need! We are so very pleased to announce that Peter has accepted a General Managers position in Beaufort, South Carolina and that we are in the process of moving to our new home. Beaufort is a small coastal community and has already been very welcoming and warm to us. The children are excited about becoming islanders!
So what about France? You might be asking this. And this is exactly what we are asking God as well. We don’t know. He knows we are willing. We do believe that His plans for us in France are not over but we are committed to allowing our children to experience a level of stability that they have never known. We will be stateside for the foreseeable future. We ask that you pray for us during this time of extreme transition. And will you join us in continuing to pray for France?
Due to these changes, we will closing out the Journey International FB page and website. We invite you to “friend” us on our regular page. We would love to stay in touch.

Peter and Emily Fowler

Julianna, Owen, Ava, Ethan, Elijah