Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.  Isaiah 43:19

This verse in Isaiah says so much about God, doesn’t it?  He is always ready to do a “new thing” in our lives.  He is always asking us to look and partake, to become aware of His goodness, even now.  He invites us to see Him at work in the miraculous.  Do you have an uncrossable wilderness? He can and IS making a way for you.  Are you dying spiritually in a dry desert season of your life? He brings forth rivers of living water to nourish our souls, even now.  This verse encompasses God’s ability to operate in two verb tenses.  He is going to do a new thing; and it is already happening.  All we need to do is look and perceive it!

We are often asked “When are you going to France?” or “Are you there now?” and we always so desperately want to say “SOON!” and “YES!” But God’s timing is perfect timing and for now we are still waiting on the doors to be opened for us to go.  More on that in a minute…

In the meantime, we must declare to you all the goodness of the Lord!  I (Emily) was pondering that scripture the other day.  The one that says, “I will see the Goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living.”  I was struck with the reality that His Goodness (the Hebrew word here denotes literal good things; it’s not an abstract idea about God)  is available, tangible and lived out now, as we live, not just when we go on to Glory.  Of course we should yearn for the day when we are face to face with our Father, but what He offers to us is heaven on earth, now.  He is always extending a welcoming hand, beckoning us to go from glory to glory with Him, so that He may show us unspeakable wonders.   In this season we have been amazed at His over-the-top provision of ‘goodness’ in our lives.

In October, after a difficult season of extensive travel and having to clear out our house in September, we found ourselves needing to secure different housing for the remainder of our time fundraising in this part of Virginia and West Virginia.  We talked through some possibilities, knowing that God would supply the right place at the right time.  And of course He did!  A lovely church in SW Virginia offered us their parsonage to live in through the winter.  So, of course it’s not just a house, it’s a house that meets all of our needs, because our God is a GOOD, GOOD Father!  The wood burning stove keeps us toasty warm, especially today as I’m writing this and the snow is falling!  There is more than enough space for us and our 5 children.  We were able to move in just in time to decorate for Christmas and even get a tree!  We had a wonderful, restful Christmas and New Years and are filled with hope and expectation of what God is going to do (and is already doing!) in this New Year!

Praise God with us for all that He has done in our lives since we left our job and our extended family and our home in July.  Though we were filled with sadness at what has in some ways felt like loss, He has consistently encouraged us to look to Him, to see His goodness and provision and to feel His love in our lives, often through the tangible love of the many believers that have treated us like family, that have housed us and been friends to us.  Our good Father provides for EVERY need!

So…back to “when are you going to France?”  The answer to that question is up to God and up to you, our supporters.  Many of you have expressed a desire to support us financially and that is literally what puts feet on this ministry.  It can not happen without our financial partners.  If you have committed to support us financially we are asking that you begin that support right away if you haven’t already started sending it in.  We can not be sent if the funds are not actively coming in.  We believe that the Lord has already begun a “new thing” in our journey to France and that doors have been opened and will be revealed to us in His perfect timing.  Continue to pray with us for spiritual ears to hear and eyes to see, what the Lord is doing in this season.  Though this journey we are on has been long, it is one that has been filled with His “Yes and Amen!” and we stand on those promises as we walk in obedience to His calling.


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