July Newsletter
Dear Family and Friends,
We have some really awesome news to share with you all about what God is doing with us in this next season as we prepare to make a permanent move to France.  But first we want to share what we feel God is speaking to us about France and how we have been encouraged.
In November of last year we all watched as Paris was under attack from terrorists.  Our hearts ached with our French friends as they had to carry the weight of grief and as they faced the complex task of making their homes safe again.  That night 130 people died, it was the biggest attack on Paris since WWII.  The urgency to go to France and minister there was fueled all the more.  Since these attacks, we have heard from different ministries in France that God is using this tragedy to speak to the hearts of the people.  People are hungry for what God has to offer: eternal, come as you are, Love.
Last month Peter and I and the kids had the privilege of spending some time in Oklahoma City with fellow missionaries and a host of people they had there to minister to us through prayer and the Word of God and fellowship, fun and encouragement.  It was such an excellent time!  At one of the sessions we had a time of anointed prayer and during that time I saw a quick vision.  I think it is important to share so you all can join with us in praying into this.
I saw the streets of Paris filled with a dark smoke.  It permeated everything and you could see nothing of this beautiful city.  The Eiffel Tower had a search light and it was going back and forth over the city.  I knew in my heart that the Eiffel was like the eyes of God that searches to and fro for all those who are committed to Him and His purposes.  I knew that the light was searching for the army of God.  And then suddenly I could hear them, the army was marching!  This was not an army of worldly war.  This was an army bearing the love of God as it’s standard.  I saw their feet as they marched through the streets of Paris and in their hands were branches of hyssop.  They were using the hyssop to sweep away the darkness on either side!!  Biblically, hyssop is a symbol of the cleansing Blood of Jesus!  Praise God that we can see the heart of God for the nations all through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation!  Praise God that His desire is for the evil that has spread through the City of Lights to be vanquished by an army of God’s people who hold grace as their weapon and love as their standard!
This morning we woke up to La Fete Nationale, or Bastille Day.  France is celebrating it’s independence from an oppressive monarchy.  I was struck by the spiritual significance and symbolism of this day.  On this day in 1789, angry and destitute mobs stormed a symbol of tyranny, the Bastille.  Today, God desires to deliver the people of France from a spiritual tyranny, one of hopelessness and despair.  On that day the mobs shed the blood of many, but on this day God offers the blood of His Son, shed for us all.  On that day the mobs tore down the walls of that political prison and freed the prisoners within, and on this day God wants to tear down the walls of fear, anger and hatred in their hearts and give them everlasting freedom.
Will you join with us this Fete National to pray for the nation of France and stand with us believing that God has a plan that is full of His Goodness!!!
Ok so now the BIG news!  We have been feeling for quite a long time that we as a family needed to commit ourselves to full-time fundraising to propel us forward to France.  This is a huge step of faith for us because Peter is leaving a good job and we are leaving a house that we love.  But God is ever faithful and we know that our place is in France.  He gave us our house as an inheritance for our children and leaving it is not abandoning it.  God provided temporary renters the same day that Peter turned in his 2 week notice.  He provided exit favor at his job.  We will be relocating for several weeks to Dublin, VA to our conference headquarters, where God has provided housing for us!
So we are asking that if you have committed to support us monthly that you begin that support as soon as you are able.  This will help us to know how close we are to going!  We are asking that if you are a pastor that you would consider inviting us to speak at your church to give the people of God an opportunity to support what God is doing in France.  If you are a friend or family member we invite you to pray for us and consider becoming a monthly supporter.
We are available to speak at churches, small groups, Bible studies, youth groups and missions nights!
Join us in prayer over the following points:
*Continued exit favor as we leave Knoxville July 28th.
*For financial provision and favor through Emily’s Mary Kay business and freelance journalism
*For connections with pastors and open doors to speak
*For protection as we travel
*For continued favor and open doors!
*For faithful monthly supporters
*For a continued passion for sharing the Love of God with the French
We thank God for you all and we look forward to seeing many of you on our journeys!
Peter and Emily Fowler
Journey International
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