SO.  We’ve had a lot of changes.  Which in a lot of ways is kind of the theme of our journey so far.  Change.  And we are learning to be okay with that.  Because we can stand on the Promises of God always.  We know we have been called to France.  We feel the burning love for that country and for it’s people in our hearts and even after years of delays and changes, it hasn’t wavered.  We know it hasn’t wavered in God’s heart either.  So our only option is to keep going forward despite changes.

 Keep going forward.

We remain confident that God is good, that He is faithful.  That all His promises are “yes” and “amen”.  We trust that He will work all things together for our good as we love Him and follow Him regardless of changes in our plan.  We know and believe that He is for us, not against us; that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.  And we know that He is far more concerned with our heart than our mission.  And so in the midst of all the change, the ups and downs of following hard after this calling that has stretched into years, we labor to enter into rest; we work hard to keep our hearts open and receptive to Him and His ways.

What has this most recent change brought our way?


Let me tell you how.


At the beginning of April we got some difficult news that we didn’t want to hear.  News that for a brief moment took the wind out of our sails.  We learned after weeks of waiting and after years of working, that the school in France reversed their previous acceptance decision and rejected our request for Peter to earn his masters degree in 2016.  With this particular school this was the final year available for us to apply.   This avenue, this plan, this potentially open door, was officially over and closed.

And we were crushed.  For about 7 minutes.  Why only 7 minutes??  After so much work, so much effort, so many prayers and nail biting interviews and after suffering through the GMAT twice, how could we only be crushed for 7 measly minutes????

Well, I’ll tell you something we have learned over all these years.  It’s a not so secret, secret and it can be hard to put into practice sometimes, but if you do, it is just so so good.  God’s faithfulness and goodness brings us to  a place of constant joy and excitement about what He is doing.  If going to school this year in France isn’t THE way, then what is?  What in the world does God have up His sleeve on this one??  And we are so excited to find out!!!!  Remember, as we already stated, change has forced us to focus and rely on His promises.  And His promises are YES and AMEN and for our good and not to harm us!  His Word says that He is passionate about the nations coming to know of His deep and endless Love for them!  And we get to go and tell France and we are so grateful and so passionate about walking the path that is set before us, no matter how many changes we encounter along the way.  If the school is a “no” then God has something better.

Want to hear something cool?   We have been working to get into this school for over 2 years.  When we started we didn’t have a sending organization.  Unknown to us, our future organization was working to assemble a team to plant a coffee house and art center ministry in the heart of Paris.  We found WMM and joined and they got behind us to move over to Paris and go to school and remain in a business/school format of ministry.  And we were kind of sad to not have more time to help with the ministry plant in Paris.  But now school is off the table!  So what do we have??

FREEDOM and TIME!!  Now we have time to help with the ministry plant!


Ok.  So where do you come into play with all this?  Well, essentially, we can GO as soon as the funds are in place.  So the only thing standing between us and Paris is our budget.  And it’s just so easy for it to move from NO to GO!

We are specifically asking that if you have committed to us to give monthly that you would go ahead and begin that monthly commitment.  If you have given a one time gift, thank you so very much!  It’s a BIG deal to us that you have chosen to sow into this move of God in France!  If you have been planning on making a one time gift or a monthly commitment, we ask that you do that today.  The sooner our account is filled up, the sooner we will be on our way!  Click HERE to go directly to our donation page with WMM and you can specify your giving level and frequency.  Your giving is tax deductible!

Thank you!!!  We are believing BIG things for this year and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

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