Life’s journey reminds me of the ocean’s tide.  When it comes in the water rushes and the waves splash furiously on the shore.  The excitement and joy and intensity can be seen bubbling on the surface.  But inevitably the tide will go out and then there is an absent feeling.  A sense of calm emptiness is felt and everything under the surface is exposed.


These past few years have been like that for us.  The excitement, the forward movement in our journey to France seemed to be at a constant low tide.  Not much was happening.  All we could see was uncovered sand.  In many ways, it felt empty and a bit lost.

But God is faithful and after every season of low tide there is the sureness of the high tide.  The refreshing waters swoop back in high and heavy, splashing their joy waves all over our feet and right up to our knees.  And finally our tide is coming back in and we can see France in our future.


Peter has been accepted to the ESSEC business school in Paris to get his International Masters degree in Luxury Hospitality Management.  We will be officially moving to Paris in August of this year to pursue the next season in our journey.

In addition we are beyond excited to be officially accepted as short term missionaries with IPHC World Missions!  

Can we be so bold to ask for your support through PRAYER, friendship and financial partnership?  So many of you have walked this journey with us and have been THE reason that we have kept going.  Your encouraging words, prayers and sheer faithfulness and belief in us have meant SO much to us!  Thank you!  

Will you stand with us as this new exciting tide of change comes rushing at us?  We are beyond exciting and are so happy to share this with you all!