This is a really comforting truth.  Have you ever thought about that?  I guess it could be a frightening truth as well.  But for us in this season it has been comforting.  We have put everything on hold and brought everything we hold dear (our children!) to this strange land called France.  We have spent a ridiculous amount of money in a short amount of time on things like taxes and visas and train travel, airfare and the like.  A few years ago spending this kind of money would have been stressful to us because we considered the money “ours”; something we needed to “protect” and hold on to.  Sometimes we convinced ourselves we were being frugal, responsible or thrifty.  More often than not, really, we were being stingy.  Thankfully God began to teach us about His economy and it is SO upside down!!!  When I give into the Kingdom, the money (or time or resources etc) does not just disappear into circulation.  It is sown.  When you sow something you are essentially investing into a bigger return.  When a farmer plants a seed he is trusting that the seed will grow and produce many more seeds for more sowing and more harvest.  Now in the natural, sure, the seed very well could fail the farmer.  But in God’s kingdom He backs up His economy with His promises!!  He never fails.  Never.  And His Word says   when you sow, you reap.

That has made pouring money into France, not a burden, but a joy.  We have declared every dollar spent here, a kingdom dollar.  A dollar sown into a future harvest.  We have asked for it to be multiplied seven fold in harvest.  We dont begrudge the expense of living here.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  That is our family motto.  We want God to pour out blessing on France.  We want France to be wooed by His goodness, His love.  And so we sow into France and sow into a dynamic Kingdom advance in France.