Missional should never be more than God.  Perhaps there is another way to say that.  If you take the mission, or the church plant or the vision or the team and you subtract God you should be left with nothing.  If you still have something then you are worshiping an idol.

There comes a time when the mission or vision you have been working towards is fulfilled.  It is in that place that you discover if there is idolatry.  Hear me on this.  I am not saying that natural emotions about things beginning and things ending is idolatry.  I’m not saying that.  What I am saying is that our emotions are a natural litmus test for us.  Are we able to press through the let down of a task being fulfilled and press into Jesus?  Or do we have to find the new task?

Journey International recently arrived at the end of the beginning of our goal.  We are in France!  We have been working to this end for 10 years.  And so now that we are here, now that we have seen the Eiffel Tower and walked through Notre Dame; now that we have recovered from jet lag and embraced the chilly weather, we are faced with a much more daunting task: life after arrival.  We have reached the finish line so to speak and it is a bit of let down.  Can I be that frank and honest with all of you?

There is something in us “missionaries” that tells us to make sure everyone sees that it is noble, good work for the kingdom; we certainly don’t want to scare off perspective missionaries!  Yet, honestly, I would rather tell it like it is and have perspective “anybodies” realize from the get go that this thing, this work, is worthless without Him.  This certainly doesn’t just apply to missions.  You can take this truth into any part of life. Whatever you are doing, it is utterly worthless…without Jesus.  HE makes our work, our mission, our vision noble.  There is a reason we are to fix our eyes on Him while we run the race.  It isn’t because the race is just too difficult (although that could be a valid reason!).  It is because we should never run it just because it is there to be run!

Saying what you do is for His glory is one thing.  Doing what you do for His glory is another.

Perhaps your wondering if I say all this to inform you that our race to France has been anti-climactic or not quite what we thought or that we are disappointed, doubting.  No.  It is everything we have thought it would be and more.  We are simply at that place of realizing we must bring it ALL to the altar and let it be consumed by His fire; it is time for us to present our race as a sacrifice.

You see there is always a new race to be run.  Sometimes there is a waiting time before it begins.  It doesn’t matter what stage of the race we are at, we bring it to the altar and let His glory burn.

It reminds me of this song by United Pursuit.  Soak in it for a bit and then take your sacrifice to the altar.

PS.  If you are wondering what life for us looks like in France then hop over to The One Armed Chef for real life stories and pictures.  To donate toward our work in France click here.