For our sending out we prepared a presentation that puts our heart for France in a concise video.  We also answered questions about our heart for France.  Thank you to all of you who have stood with us and prayed with us and given of your resources to bring it all to fruition.  You are gratefully appreciated and this is in many ways a tribute to you all.

JourneyInternational2012 (click to see the presentation)

France Q&A

1.  What are you going to be doing in France this next six months?
I am going to be taking french language and cultural courses at the Catholic University in Paris.  This will allow me to meet most of my course requirements for obtaining my minor in French.  We will also be meeting with other missionaries and building relationships with our contacts there.  We are blessed to be living with a couple who love the Lord and walk in the supernatural.  They own a Christian publishing company and live just outside of Paris.
2.  How did you get to this place of being mobilized into missions?
We really want to give God glory on this journey that He has brought us on.  He put a desire and a heart for cross cultural ministry in us when we were both young. France was the place we never expected to be sent to but also the place we couldnt stop thinking about!  He began to stir up what He had deposited in us about 9 years ago.  It was at this point that we learned how to follow that calling.  We have really really messed up along the way.  We got ourselves into significant debt and our lifestyle showed no evidence that we were preparing for foreign missions.  But He kept calling to us and frustrating us (!) and teaching us more of His Word.  After 6 years of doing things in our power and our strength God mercifully awakened us to our need to repent of the debt, not just be sorry, but repent.  We began asking God for mercy.  We also began researching France, doing our homework, preparing ourselves for when God mobilized us.  Our 7th year was our year of Jubilee.  In Israel this was a year that all the slaves were set free.  It was that year He delivered us from all our debt!
3 What happens after your time in France?
We are coming back at the end of July and Peter will finish his coursework towards his major in Hotel Management.  Our longterm vision is to return to France shortly after that and pursue buying and running a hotel in France.  Our heart is to minister to whoever God brings through our door and would be honored if we could offer rest and restoration for missionaries from around the world.  You can read more about the details of our vision on our ministry website
4. What advice would you have for others who might have a heart for missions?
There is something powerful about being commissioned by the Lord out of a place of intimacy with the Lord.  It is not something that we understood or entered into fully until recently and we feel like we spent so much time questioning and doubting and toiling instead of resting in the Lord and in His timing.  There is a divine tension of actively waiting on the Lord and it is so much easier to live in that place when you are positioning yourself in the Presence of the Lord.  When missions becomes an act of worship to the Lord, then you know your motivation is right.