Journey International is so very excited to announce a new season in our ministry and our lives.  France is officially on the horizon!  The Fowler family will be leaving for a six month study abroad program at the end of January and will return to the states at the end of July.  We are so amazed at how God has set it all up and the doors He has opened.  He has provided a place for our entire family to stay, money for all of Peter’s schooling while there and friendships to deepen all over Europe.  We have many prayer requests in regards to this time abroad but I will share the top ones here and a way for you to partner with us.


* transition!!!  again!!!  We are back in our house after 6 months in temporary housing due to the tornado.  The kids are doing well but we are now looking at another big transition.  Grace needed all around!!!

* details with travel, passports, visas, tickets, luggage etc etc ad naseum.  Wow, the details are overwhelming.  Pray we won’t miss anything important!!

* Finances.  God has provided SO much above and beyond we could ever imagine and we are confident He will provide for the remainder of the funds needed to make 6 months in France happen.  We will need additional funds for housing, food, and in-country travel.

Now more on how you can partner with us in this new season:

Trinity Chapel, our home sending church has made giving so easy!  Can I just give a BIG shout out to all the amazing folks at Trinity who make amazing things happen??!!  Thank you so much for all you do!!!  So giving directly to Journey International is so super easy and every penny will go towards our time in France.  The funds will be tax deductible and you will get a receipt from Trinity immediately in your email.

Go to and click on the “Giving” tab on the far right.  Then click on “missions” and scroll down to find our name “Peter and Emily Fowler.”  Follow the giving instructions and your done!

We are so grateful for all the support and prayer and love that you have all given us!!!  God is so worthy of our praise and worship!  We have been listening a lot to Harvest Bashta and one of her songs in particular sums up our sentiments at this time, so I just have to share it with you all.  Enjoy!