Our Vision


God has put a dream and a vision in our hearts that we are so excited to share with you all!  Thank you for reading it and we value your thoughts and prayers.


To own and operate a hotel in France for the Glory of God and to share His love with the people of France and the World!

The Details

Ministry to our Guests

The hotel would be open to visitors traveling through Europe or vacationing in the area.  We would offer personalized hospitality that you cant find in a chain hotel.  This would be a place guests could sit in the garden with a cup of tea or coffee and have a great conversation, or perhaps they would spend time in the library and find books that could possibly get them thinking about the eternal.  Perhaps the seed would be sown during a late night conversation by the fireplace with us.  The simple fact that the room they are staying in has been bathed in prayer might break down some spiritual walls.  They might decide to drop in for worship on a Sunday morning in the living room.  The possibilities for ministry to traveling guests are endless.  This would be a crucial aspect of the ministry as a large part of running the hotel would come from the funds of the room fees.

To Fellow Missionaries

One of the great pleasures we would have with a ministry hotel would be to provide rest and refuge to missionaries who so desperately need it!  Many of these workers are in such war zones that a week in the quiet countryside would be complete refreshment to their mind, soul and body.  We want to provide them with a quiet place to seek the face of God; a beautiful place to refresh their spirit and restful place to refresh their bodies.  Our goal would be to provide this to them free of charge.  We would seek out sponsorship for them so that their time with us would be without burden.

To Our Employees

We are excited about the opportunity to reach a handful of people through true community and discipleship.  Whether our employees are students doing an internship or people even from war torn countries that we can restore, we will be able to pour into their lives the love of Jesus on a daily basis and possibly raise them up in the ministry the Lord has called them to!  We would have a short mandatory Bible Study for our staff every day and would teach them to operate under a standard of Godly excellence in the running of the hotel.

To Our Community

One of our main aspects of ministry would be to the community around us.  We would try to do most of our business within the community, bringing revenue to the local bakers, markets and venders.  We would see each business relationship within our community as an honor and would pray that the Lord would use those relationships to raise up a church in the area.  We would cover with prayer each relationship and contact in the community.  The hotel would also allow us to host different things for the community to come to or take part in.  Some ideas: a drama night, art night, benefit ball with proceeds going to different charities etc., even a fine food and wine night featuring the best from the community.

To the Church and World

The hotel would allow us to host ministry teams from the States and other parts of the world.  We would be able to provide a base for them to go out to other parts of Europe, Western and Eastern, even into North Africa.  They could then return to the hotel to rest and go through some debriefing and refreshment with the Lord before returning home.  We would be so honored to host a teams and be able to book different events around Europe.  There are many small churches around Europe that don’t have the resources to put together an outreach event.  They could host the team and possibly breathe life in the community who would then know about the local church.  The possibilities are endless!  We would love to host classes such as English and Bible courses to service believers and as an outreach.  This past year or two our hearts have turned to the ministry of 24/7 prayer and worship.  We would love to have a part of our property dedicated to this purpose!

This vision is SO much bigger than us!  

We are dependent on God to bring it to fruition.  This is the purpose of the Body of Christ!  Will you consider partnering with us to bring this vision to a reality?  Click here to learn more about how you can partner with us!



  1. May God bless your family ♡
    This is truly wonderful! I could even picture the hotel in my mind as I was reading.

  2. Love you guys!!! So excited for you!!

  3. Great clear vision! Especially love how the hotel would work with the community.

  4. Fantastique!! May The Lord, L’ETERNEL, open wide His door for you…we are excited and prayerful!

  5. I feel as though I just walked with you through the vision! Awesome vision!! I will believe with you for the manifestation to come forth quickly, partners to rise up and help you guys be about the Father’s business. Can’t wait to see what GREAT things our Father will do through you. I’ll be looking forward to spending time with you when I’m passing through from one of my ministry trips. I love you both. You are a Blessing to the Body of Christ. Love your elder sister Debbie D.

  6. Judith Williams

    January 6, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    I love your vision and believe your family will be a blessing to many.

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